certicates keep online interactions private even though they travel across the public Internet. They also help customers gain the condence to transact with your web site. The right SSL certicate depends on the level of assurance your customers need and the minimum level of encryption your organization requires.

What is SSL ?

  • An SSL certicate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts your secured web site, the SSL certi- cate enables an encrypted connection. It’s kind of like sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail. SSL certicates also inspire trust because each SSL certicate contains identication information. When you request an SSL certicate, a third party (such as Thawte, Symantec, GeoTrust) veries your organization’s information and issues a unique certicate to you with that information. This is known as the authentication process


    SSL is Ideal for 

  • Banking or Financial institute.
  • Academic Institution
  • E-commerce sites.
  • Any site looking to protect its brand
  • Any site that is likely to be the target of phishing scam
  • Any site that that wants a competitive advantage  

How SSL works

When an Internet user visits a secure web site, an SSL certicate provides identication information about the web server and establishes an encrypted connection. This process happens in a fraction of a second.

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