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.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us .ca .tv
1100 taka/year 1400 taka/year 1900 taka/year
.asia .au .bz
1500 taka/year 1300 taka/year 2200 taka/year
.cc .cn (2nd & 3rd)
2000 taka/year 1200 taka/year 4200 taka/year
.co (2nd level) .co (3rd)
2900 taka/year 1500 taka/year 1200 taka/year
.de, .es .in, .in (3rd level),
1000 taka/year 1100 taka/year 1000 taka/year
.la .me .mn
3200 taka/year 2500 taka/year 4000 taka/year
.mn (3rd) .name, .nl .nz (3rd Level)
2000 taka/year 1100 taka/year 2200 taka/year
.pro .pw .ru
1400 taka/year 1200 taka/year 800 taka/year
.sx .tel .uk
2900 taka/year 1400 taka/year 1100 taka/year
.ws .xxx  
1900 taka/year 8500 taka/year  

Added Features with Each Domain

Domain Manager Control Panel our web based control panel lets you manage every aspect of your business.
Contact Details - Manage contacts associated with this Domain Name.
Privacy Protection - Protect yourself from spam, identity theft and fraud.
Name Servers - Manage Name Servers that this Domain Name uses.
Child Name Servers - Manage Child Name Servers of this Domain Name.
Domain Secret - Set the authorization code to transfer the Domain Name.
Theft Protection - Protect your Domain Name from theft and accidental transfers.
DNSSEC - Protect your DNS data by adding digital signatures.
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