Daffodil Online Limited is a pioneer nationwide Internet Service provider (ISP). We provide full duplex dedicated internet bandwidth solution with high speed and low latency for the big corporate houses, Small and Medium Enterprise, Government institutions, Educational institutions, Hospitals etc. Our fiber optic and Radio network infrastructure and highly equipped data center has huge capacity to provide corporate standard service to all our valued clients.

Service Features:  

  • High quality Full duplex dedicated internet with 24/7 data center service.
  • Real IP
  • Google pairing facility
  • BDIX connectivity
  • MRT Graph to ensure 24/7 bandwidth speed monitoring.
  • Prompt action in any interruption
  • Fiber optic connectivity with high speed and low latency.

Support: Prompt Support

We basically provide support to our clients by the following ways:  

  • Telephone support
  • remote login system
  • physical appearance of support engineers  


Call us anytime at helpline:

Tel: 88- 02- 9814258, 913259

Cell: 01847140150


Price enquiry:

Tel: 9143258, 9143259
Mobile: 01716288774

Email: or

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